What is Fixband?

  • 12 Micron, Lite wrapping solutions
  • 14 Micron, Strong wrapping solutions
  • 17 Micron, Heavy wrapping solutions
  • Fixband is a 33 layer Nano stretch film for Orbital wrappers.
  • Fixband will optimize the consumption and strength of each load. Therefore, it will be a more environmental product range than other stretch film products.
  • Fixband is very cost effective compared to power film, based on the tests we have done at our clients.
  • Our stock materials are 12µ, 14µ, 17µ.
  • Every case is unique. Regarding on your customer base and target group. Therefore, we produce according to your needs.

Stretch Film

  • 33 Nano Layers.
  • ‘’Thin’’ yet tougher film with good grip.
  • Significantly lesser film needed. Lower your cost per load.
  • Stronger durability against puncture and tearing perforation.
  • Able to perform at higher wrapping speed.
  • Economical for transportation and less shelf space needed.
  • Environmentally safe.


  • Orbital wrappers don´t have prestretch. Our Nano film is adapted to this.
  • Orbital wrappers have many different widths. We can produce according to your needs.
  • The production speed can be very high. Because of the technology in Nano film, the film has very high puncture and we are able to run with a very thin film compare to other products

Christian Olesen


Nicklas Olesen

Sales consultant