Newton Europe

Newton Europe is a branch of Newton Research & Development Centre in Malaysia. We focus on Load Stability. Brand owners/Partners in Europe use our Load stability program to ensure safe transport of their goods. We can test according to Eumos 40509 at your site.

We understand that the reduction of primary and secondary packaging materials compounded with the lack of a proper stakeholders’ network and sufficient application knowledge have caused serious load stability issues. By compiling scientific data and analyzing it using Newton’s state-of-the-art equipment, we can solve problems of unstable loads and damaged goods.

Our people are incredibly passionate about what we do and committed as a company to present a range of packaging solutions and services to clients from diverse industry. Newton consistently innovates and sets the standards for the packaging industry. We will not waver in our goal towards achieving total and absolute customer satisfaction through our proven lab-to-field packaging solutions.

Our mission is to reduce losses due to damaged products in the logistic chain, to comply with international standard of general cargo securing and transport packaging, to promote sustainable packaging solutions through less plastics & paper usage.

Load Stability Test Truck

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