Who are we?

We are a very enthusiastic team that apply themselves in delivering a better future in the packaging industry. Our focus areas are load stability for securing goods on the road. As well as new innovative products such as our Fixband range that benefits the environment and being a flagship in a better future for the logistics and transportation of goods within Europe. We enjoy applying ourselves in an industry which rewards us for helping companies realize their potential and set them on their way to achieving great things on securing their load for transportation.

Transportation of goods is a key area for a business. It’s important to dedicate yourself in this. If not, it results in damaged goods on arrival and a very poor load stability. To solve these problems, we try our very best to educate businesses and their employees in properly packing their goods and helping them to get on the road well and with secured goods. With our many years of experience and investments, we can contribute with high knowledge and professional equipment to ensure that they have a low cost on your stretch film and making sure there will be no damaged products on arrival at your customers. At the same time, you also ensure that you comply with EU’s new legal requirements for the Eumos 40509 certificate.

Christian Olesen


Nicklas Olesen

Sales consultant